Wellcome To Noah Sark Pet and Supplies

Noah’s Ark is a pet rescue for all type of animals. We understand life throws curve balls at times. Whether it’s a new baby, moving to a new job, health related issues or a death in the family. We at Noah’s Ark without judgement want to help you help our animal friends find new forever homes that suit them well.

At Noah’s once you contact us we will interview the family looking to re-home their old friend. This is not to judge but to learn about the animals personality, history and health. Don’t be ashamed to tell us we just didn’t get along. Pets are like people not all personalities mesh. It is important to know everything there is to know about your pet looking for a new home so that the next home will be their forever home. With the right family that matches the pets personality and needs.

After the agreement to assist in the re-homing process your pet will be brought to us where they will be staying with us for a minimum of two weeks. In away a little bit of a quarantine process to assure the health of the animal, seek medical attention if need be and basically just to get to know the animal. We want to make sure that when Noah’s residences go up on the wall to find a new home we know all there is to know about the pet, as to best advise and find the perfect family possible for them, as well as it’s new homes, knows of any issues.