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Asking Your Veterinarian About The Suitable Cat Foods

Have you added a kitten as your new family member at your home? Congratulations because bringing a kitten to the home will be really exciting to everyone because it could be the best companion to all especially who are all living alone. I suggest some of the feeding tips, a guide to taking care of your kitten or care and all other related things for the cat owners. All these tips and suggestions will be really helpful for everyone to take care of your pet better with the healthy lifestyle.

With my suggestions, you will get to know about the necessary things your vet wants you to know about cat food. I’m not a veterinarian but I had a kitten before 2 years and here I mentioned some of the suggestions and feeding styles which I was followed for my kitten as per the direction of my veterinary doctor. Cats are very optional about the foods and not all the foods eaten by the humans are suitable for the stomach and digestive system of the cats. So, you should be very careful in choosing the right types of foods for your kittens or cats from my suggestions and tips are given here on this platform.

​Choosing The Balanced Foods:

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  • While raising a kitten with the few weeks of age or the adult cats, you have to be very careful in choosing the balanced foods.
  • If you are purchasing the canned foods, you must have to know how to read the nutritional values given on the best cat food label.
  • According to my suggestions, you should focus on the ingredients and its nutrients which are very important to the overall health of your cat. The foods which contain more amounts of fat and protein are the suitable choices for your pet’s health.
  • There are also some of the foods existing with the grains and carbohydrates to feed your cats but I suggest only the cat foods which are all fully made up of the fat and protein for the best health of your kitten or cat.

​Foods Which You Should Avoid Feeding A Cat:

  • As it is suggested to provide the balanced foods to the cat, you have to look for the AAFCO (Association of American Feed Control Officials) statement on the cat’s food package to know its balanced level to feed it.
  • It is mentioned that the food is complete and balanced to feed your kitten or cat to get full of necessary nutrients.
  • When the packaged cat food doesn’t contain this statement, you just avoid buying such foods and only look for the balanced foods with this AAFCO statement on the package.

​How Much And How Often Feed Your Cat:

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  • Most of the cats would eat their main meals at morning and evening so these are the best times to feed your cat.
  • How much amount of food to feed your cat usually depends on its size, age and how active it is. But the average amount of balanced food for the cat at each time is about 200 calories per day.
  • It is also better asking your veterinarian about the proper and suitable amount of balanced foods according to the current health condition of your kitten or cat.
  • Every cat owner should have to pay more attention in choosing a number of calories to feed your cats because the calorie count may differ from food to food.
  • Overfeeding is also not suggested to the kitten or cat because it may result in some of the health problems such as heart disease, joint disease and also diabetes.

​Steps On The Ideal Diet Plan For Your Cat:

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Step 1:

​Feeding a healthy and balanced diet for your kitten or cat is very important to avoid unnecessary growth problems.

Step 2:

The cats are not actually the vegetarian and they are generally true carnivores to stay healthy. This is why it is greatly essential to allow your kitten or cat to eat some of the crucial nutrients which are all only available in the commercial cat foods and meats.

Step 3:

It is suggested to feed the complete commercial canned cat foods instead of the home made diet. This is because you can never reach the enough balance in the necessary nutrition levels of the cats. This is why I recommended you to take only the packaged foods to feed the cat.

Step 4:

All the cat owners should have to ask the important things your vet wants you to know about cat food and at the same time what your cats should have to avoid in the meals.

Step 5:

While picking a particular food for your cats, everyone must have to keep the significant factors into your account which include age, weight, body condition, eating habit and body shape of your cat.

Step 6:

I also suggest you follow the veterinary advice and guidelines given at the backside of the packaged cat foods which you are purchasing from the stores.

Step 7:

At the different ages, the cats have the different nutritional requirements so you must have to be very careful in making enough nutritional changes in every stage of its age.


​I hope that you have completely enjoyed my suggestions and tips regarding the cat nutrition and necessary foods to feed daily. As a new cat or kitten owner, you must have to know all of these things in order to be an expert at all. When you like my suggestions and you got the best benefits in feeding and caring your cat, you also share and suggest it to others who are new cat owners in your area. I always welcome the comments and questions from the readers and you can put your comments or doubts in the comment box. I will immediately read your comments and tell an exact answer to your question. Here I mentioned only the proper and the best kitten or cat care suggestions and tips which I have already experienced with my two kittens at home. Thus, I recommend the same for your perfect cat care benefits.


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