Best Dog Food For Yorkies

Why Should You Offer Best Dog Food For Yorkies?

When the dietary needs of small dogs are many, it will be very difficult to the right food at right time. However, can you afford the risk on the health by not spending time and effort in finding the best dog food? Do you know that Yorkies have the tendency to get stomach ailments very easily? Hence, you should be aware of the Yorkie food facts so that you will provide the best food as per the needs of the dog. There are many benefits associated with the Best Dog Food For Yorkies.

You should be aware of the calories and portion size as per the size of the dog. The weight of Yorkies will be in between 3 and 8 pounds. If you manage a small size yorkie, you can offer 150 calories per day. The food should be selected as per the activity as well. More active dogs can be fed up to 200 calories per day. The stomach size of yorkie will be very small and they fail to handle two meals per day. Instead of offering a large single meal, you can split it into two or three sessions as per the capacity of the Yorkie.

​Ingredients in Dog Food

You should ensure that the following ingredients are present in the yorkie food:

  • Protein – You should go for protein food that comes from the muscle of the animal. The protein source includes chicken, fish, lamb, beef and turkey.
  • Carbs – you should avoid food items which contain corn and soy as yorkies cannot digest them very easily. you should opt for rice and sweet potatoes.
  • Fats – you should go for yorkie food that contains fish oil in it. if the food is not provided with fish oil, you should buy fish oil and it should be sprinkled on the food.

The following products can fulfill the needs of your yorkie in a very efficient way:

  • ​Blue Buffalo Life Protection Dry Adult Dog Food
  • ​Wellness Complete Health Natural Dry Small Breed Dog Food
  • ​Diamond Naturals Dry Food for Adult Small Breed Dogs
  • ​Natural Balance Original Ultra Whole Body Health Dry Dog Food

​Taste of the Wild, Appalachian Valley Small Breed Canine Formula with Venison & Garbanzo Beans

​Blue Buffalo Life Protection Dry Adult Dog Food

The product was designed to fulfill the needs of small dogs. The product delivers high levels of proteins and carbohydrates. If the animal is small, the energy levels will also be high. Hence, the food item should fulfill the need in a very efficient manner.

​Wellness Complete Health Natural Dry Small Breed Dog Food

  • ​The food provides nutrients from three sources. The animal protein source includes chicken, lamb beef. The food can be offered to adult dogs. The main advantage with the food is that your yorkie will get access to protein (28%). The product is free from all kinds of fillers.

​Diamond Naturals Dry Food for Adult Small Breed Dogs

  • ​If your yorkie has a very sensitive stomach, you can offer Diamond Naturals with utmost confidence. The product is free from corn and it supplies beet pulp in a very efficient manner. the pulp is a great source of dietary fiber. The coat will be shiny by consuming the food on a regular basis. It will enhance the health of the skin as well.

​Natural Balance Original Ultra Whole Body Health Dry Dog Food

  • ​The product is ideal for dogs with sensitive stomachs. The quality ingredients present in the product include chicken, brown rice and oats.

​Taste of the Wild

  • ​The product is rich in natural ingredients. You can offer nutrient food to your yorkie and it is affordable.

​Fitness Enhancing Food

You should offer food to your yorkie as per its needs. The nutritional needs vary as per the brand. As you choose the right mix, you will supply various nutrients such as proteins, fats, carbohydrates, vitamins and minerals.

Fitness Enhancing Food

​The energy levels of small dogs will be higher than large dogs. Hence, the small yorkie needs food made from high-quality ingredients.• You should perform a monthly rib check to understand the dietary requirements of your yorkie. If ribs are covered with fat, you should implement a diet and exercise plan. Before starting the plan, you should consult your vet to figure out the medical condition.

​The dog should be given 10 to 15 minute’s time to take food. after that, the food should not be served till the next meal. Your dog will not be picky when you offer very little time.

​The treats that you offer to the yorkie should be minimum. Some of the healthy treats are baby carrots, cheese and biscuits.

​If you are adopting a dog, you should be aware of the food and source of nutrition. If you are not sure about the diet, you should consult the vet so that the best food will be offered without any issues.

​The life expectancy of yorkies is 7 years. You should change the food as per the nutritional requirements.

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​I hope that you have come to know about the Best Dog Food for Yorkies. You should spend your time and effort to feed your little Yorkie so that you can keep it in good health and great companionship can be enjoyed for a long period.

​As yorkies are very small, the nutritional requirements are high. The stomach size is small. Hence, you should choose the right food and quantity as per the activity. If you are new to feed a yorkie, you can get clues from experts. You are advised to consult the vet if there is any health or nutritional issues.

​The tips offered by other pet-owners will also help you choose the right food as per the needs of your yorkie. The above information will help you choose the food as per size, taste and activity of the yorkie. When you offer best food, the yorkie will be free from stomach ailments.

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