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Essential Tips For Taking Care Of Your Kitten At Home

Would you like to raise a kitten at home? You just don’t worry there are plenty of beautiful kitten breeds existing today for all home makers. When you would like to have a kitten at home, it is highly necessary to know more about the kitten care first. Kitten is just like a baby and you must have to give the special care in feeding it for the first few weeks. There are several numbers of specialized kitten feeding products are existing currently in the market. While choosing a kitten foods, first of all you should need to take much care in finding its nutrition value and how it will be helpful for the health of your kitten. As I mentioned here, the following are all the best range of kitten care and the nutritional food suggestions for your kitten care.

I have many years of experience in the kitten care and provide these recommendations on the kitten feeding and suitable food items with full of nutrition for the proper growth and healthy living of your kitten. I suggest here what to know about feeding your kitten for its growth and normal healthy life schedule.

​Asking A Veterinarian About Kitten Care:

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  • According to my viewpoint, it is highly necessary to ask your veterinary doctor who will provide the best suggestions on the high quality and natural foods suitable for your kitten during the first visit.
  • By this way, you can surely get to know about the type and amount of food you can feed to your little kitten.
  • At the same time, this feeding suggestion will be greatly helpful to set a regular feeding schedule for your kitten from the morning to night meals.
  • In most of the cases, the veterinarians suggest the kitten owners to give only the mother’s milk for the first few weeks and gradually start feeding some of the solid foods at the age of 8 weeks old.

​Knowing The Nutrition Basics For a Kitten:

  • Each and every kitten weighed only a few kg or ounces during the birth time. It should be raised at least about 2 pounds in the first 10 weeks.
  • The nutritional value of the kitten foods should contain all necessary vitamins, minerals and fiber contents to continue gaining the best energy for your kitten’s health.
  • Initially, the kittens start eating the solid foods or soft foods at the age of 4 weeks from birth.
  • The doctors are usually suggesting the meat based best kitten foods which are all definitely an ideal option to improve the nutritional value of their food items. But at the same time, it also has to drink the mother’s milk at this age along with these solid foods.

​Nutritional Needs Of The Kitten:

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​I suggest you know the actual nutritional needs of the kitten and as well as get information what to know about feeding your kitten here at this platform.

  • The nutritional needs of the kitten are completely different from the nutritional needs of the adult cats. So, you have to give the foods which are all specially made for your kittens.
  • The dry foods are truly very convenient to feed for your kittens and it is not better than the canned foods. They have a higher amount of carbohydrates than some of the canned foods so your kitten will gain more weight easier when you allow overeating.
  • Instead of the dry foods, I suggestion everyone to give the canned foods to the kittens because they have more moisture than the dry foods. Thus, the canned foods will maintain the kitten’s body well hydrated at all the times.

​Step By Step Instructions On Kitten Care:

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Step 1:

​Due to aging, you should have to change the diet or feeding habit of the kitten every month. It will be very helpful to provide proper nutrition based on the current age of your kitten.

Step 2:

You must allow your kitten to drink more fresh water daily and occasionally provide milk to your pets. These cares will keep its body hydrated and at the same time maintain its health better with no problems in its digestion. Drinking more water keeps your kitten’s body always hydrated to regularize all body functions better.

Step 3:

Obesity is the most common problem faced by most of the cats which are all overeating the dry foods. When you are more caring about your kitten, stop giving the dry foods and choose the wet foods which are canned foods to feed it. Don’t allow your kitten to overeat the dry foods and feed only canned foods.

Step 4:

At the age around 9 to 12 months, you have to make some changes in the feeding schedule of your kitten to the adult foods. You should need to mix some of the adult food with the regular kitten meals to give more nutrition.

Step 5:

It is the foundation for your kitten’s lifetime what it takes in his or her first year. So, everyone should be very careful in your kitten’s feeding.


​I have been in the field of kitten nutrition as I’m an experienced veterinary nutritionist and gave you all these suggestions on raising the kitten at your home with proper care and feeding schedules. If you enjoy my kitten nutrition and care tutorial at this platform, kindly share it with your friends, colleagues and other family members. All these kitten care tips and suggestions on the kitten feeding would be very helpful in raising a kitten at each stage of its age. At the same time, it will be helpful to improve its health and overall lifetime with a healthy body. If you want to tell me about anything related to my kitten care suggestions or you would like to ask me any question to take care of your kitten, don’t hesitate to put a comment in the given comment box. I send you an immediate reply as soon as possible with the proper solution.


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